Long Overdue Lip Sync Tutorial

Sorry for the late update for this tutorial. I had actually forgotten to write this in blog until I saw it in my handbook. So here it goes..

- create new layer called audio in every window (scene, prof, prof head, mouth). Put it on the top.

- import audio file to stage

- click on first key frame, go to properties change the name -> filename.mov

- set it to stream (do these and one above on all layers)

- create another layer in prof head called dope sheet. Place it below audio layer.

- on every spoken action press F6 and name it as the word spoken in the audio. e.g vell, com
(purpose of this is to place the appropriate mouth action on each words spoken)

- click on mouth layer, hit keyframes on the frames that you enter the words before. e.g frame 145 in HULL, hit keyframe in frame 145 of mouth layer.

- then click on the mouth and change the mouth type in the looping tab.

- best technique is to do from closed to open mouth words. e.g M-> F -> O

I know that it doesn't make any sense my just reading these steps but this image will probably helps.

click here to view the output


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