Completing the animation

Great work by my fellow group members. They have done it a lot to make this to perfection. For some reason I wasn't been assigned to be doing any work for the final production by my group members but I am satisfied if I am given the appropriate mark to reflect my contribution. Chunyin has done a tremendous job in keeping everything in progress while Saiful and Saifullah has been putting lots of effort in providing a high quality animation rendering. Although I only provide a relatively none contribution for the final production, I am still glad that I am involved in the initial stages of the development such as establishing the company, creating the marketing strategies, company logo, sketches and storyboard developments, characters and environment research and some others. I'm just hoping that next semester we will do a lot on individual work rather than a group one because there is a possibility that the amount of work are not equally divided. All in all, this project has become a success and I am just glad it has finished. Great work guys!


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