Easter Break

Here comes an update from the director:

Every team member of Grand Line Pictures have been busy during this holiday period with their own task given by me. I also have my own task for this project even though my crucial part is not until the editing part but I have decided to contribute and help the team in order to reduce stress for them. I am now compiling all the wonderful animation works done by Saiful and Saifullah and preparing them all for the upcoming presentation. Now that the characters and environments design have been completed, I have been asked to writing all the descriptions and prepare for the verbal presentation. Although we are now a little bit behind our schedule I think we can manage to catch up before the school starts.


☆Moonlit Night Studio☆ said...

You have Saifullah's files? Can you send it to me? I need those for animatics like the environs and maggots... I'll contact him anyway, but send it to me too if possible.

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