My Part for Assignment 3

For this assignment I was assigned to do the descriptions for everything relating to the animation such as the synopsis, characters, environments and profile. This is the synopsis for our animation, FISHING LOVE...

Going fishing on the weekend is one of Danny’s hobbies. He never had a partner in his life so by going fishing can make him forgot about loneliness in his life. One day he decided to go fishing at a jetty outside his town, which is unusual for him considering he has never gone fishing outside of his town. After a few hours, he still couldn’t get a single fish. He almost gave up but later he had an idea to attract fish to his bait, which is a maggot. He decided to dress and put some make up on the bait hoping that fish will fall to his trap. Little did he know the fishes were actually laughing at his maggot because it looks so funny to them. Suddenly a good looking male maggot came to her rescue. They both fall in love and hugged each other causing Danny’s rod started to shake. Danny pulled his rod thinking he caught a fish but is rod actually stuck with the other girl’s rod. They started staring at each other and fall in love at that moment.



Danny is a young boy living outside the city. He doesn’t have many friends as he would have liked which has troubled him all his life. The loneliness that he felt is unimaginable. He always thought that the way to reduce his loneliness is by eating an awful lot because he knows that no matter what he do or how he look like nobody will want to like him or be friend with him. Since he moved out to a new place he had picked up a new hobby which is fishing. Every weekend he has been going fishing with a small hope of making a new friend.


A country woman who still lives with her family in a small town. Since she was small she always followed her father everywhere he goes. Most of her father’s hobbies have become hers too and she still do some of them until now such as hunting, fishing and refurbishing the house. After completing her high school she had the opportunity to further her studies at a university in the city but she declined the offer to stay home and look after her aging parents.

Environment Design

Environment 1: Under Sea

Much inspired from the animation movie Finding Nemo. We try to make the background less empty with the addition of the ground with sea weeds and rocks to highlight the nature beauty of the deep sea whilst at the same time make it more liveable for marine living species.

Environment 2: Jetty

The most important background for this project. The idea of this background was inspired by the one in Derwent Water in North West England. We chose this location because it fits all the criteria that we need which are a scenery that is out of town with mountains at the back, has a wooden jetty, perfect nature views.

*credit to Saifullah and Saiful for producing such an excellent artwork. Keep it up guys!


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